The book draws light on everyday tactics of appropriation elaborated by the inhabitants while living in - and living with - one of Mexico City’s most outstanding modernist heritage sites: the 1957 Unidad Habitacional Santa Fé by Architect Mario Pani.
Photographer Onnis Luque playfully presents the creative tensions between architecture and improvisation, space and time, project and everyday life. He provides us with deep insight into the multiple functions, forms and facets of the lively transformation process this social housing estate is undertaking day by day. Art Historian Peter Krieger and anthropologist Pablo Landa situate the site and processes within Architecture and Urban Planing History as well as Urban Anthropology and our contemporary perspective on the international modernist heritage. An introduction by Christian v. Wissel contextualizes the work within the field of Visual Sociology.

This project has recentley been granted by the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA) to be published soon!!!.